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There are several debt relief options now available to consumers struggling with debt loads that threaten their financial survival. Finding the solution that will provide the best outcome for a specific situation and the best company to navigate through the process to achieve that outcome are important decisions that cannot be left to chance. A brief definition of each option can be found below.


* Debt Consolidation – A process where a borrower engages an organization to either replace multiple lines of consumer debt with a single unsecured debt instrument or collateralize the multiple lines with secured debt. At present, most consolidations are collateralized against equity in the borrower’s home which introduces the possibility of foreclosure if payments in the consolidation don’t go as planned. Decreases in interest rates are negotiated allowing the borrower to pay increasing sums toward principle. Principle reductions are not negotiable in debt consolidations.


* Debt Counseling – The term debt counseling now provides an “umbrella” for companies in many activities considered to be outside the true definition of the service. In its truest form, a debt counselor, usually working with a non-profit organization, negotiates lower interest rates on credit card accounts. Payments are made to the counseling firm and then forwarded from there to creditors. As with debt consolidation, principle amounts owed are not negotiable.


* Bankruptcy – A last resort option for consumers due to the onerous, restrictive, and invasive nature of bankruptcy laws since they were overhauled in October of 2005. Most filings are now for chapter 13 which carries far fewer benefits than the dismissals of debt which were the norm in chapter 7 filings.
* Debt Settlement - A process where a borrower engages a company both to negotiate reductions on principle owed and the monthly payments required to service that client’s consumer debt. Reductions in principle owed normally range from 40 to 60%. Complete payoff of the reduced principle owed takes from18 to 48 months.


Be sure to study all of your options before making a final decision. Apply on-line today. The time to start is now.

Credit card and consumer debt can be accumulated in many different ways. While some consumers use their credit cards to live extravagantly and beyond their means, others may be using their cards to get a new business off the ground. Debts can also accumulate simply because a credit card may be the only way for a family to get food on the table.


The sudden loss of income due to a layoff at work or an illness can push monthly obligations out of reach immediately. We’ve also seen that what amounts to a suddenly unworkable level of debt for a client is often times arrived at a little bit at a time over many months or years. Whether the situation is caused by a sudden event or develops over time, the total of a consumer’s debt amount can be made up of many other obligations beyond just credit cards.


Debt settlements have become increasingly popular with consumers because the process can include medical bills, department store cards, signature loans, unsecured lines of credit, and revolving debt, in addition to the debts being carried on credit cards. Settlements usually reduce the total amount owed to a client’s creditors by forty to sixty percent. Reductions of that scale provide clients with the ability to pay off their consumer debt in total in a time span ranging from eighteen to thirty six months. What many clients find amazing is that the elimination of their debt is accomplished with monthly payments that amount to only fifty percent of what they were paying before starting the program.

Debt settlement is a great way for consumers to get back on top of their finances. Apply today to see how you can take the first step toward debt free living.

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