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Attorneys works with borrowers everyday who have difficult financial problems based in part on their strenuous mortgage loans.  Trying to find relief from banks is a major challenge, in part from because of the problems banks are having.  Banks are frustrated by their mounting losses due to their own poor financial planning, and people are hurting as a result.Case in point, on September 25, 2009 the Wall Street Journal had the following stories on the front page of their Money & Investing section:  “Home sales Sap the Dow, Down 41.11”; “Losses on Banks’ Big Loans: $53 Billion”; and, “Raters Race…
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Doing nothing about consumer debt can actually have a couple of meanings. Doing nothing can mean that the consumer is just going keep paying the minimum payments due on credit cards and other debts, never really making a dent in the principle amount.
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Despite the Obama administration’s best efforts to alleviate the strain of the financial crisis, many borrowers in America are still finding it difficult or impossible to modify the terms of their loans.  On September 24, 2009, a congressional panel met in Washington D.C. to determine the effectiveness of homeowner-rescue programs so far, and the results were mixed.  While they approved of the president’s progress in getting his Making Home Affordable modification plan running, many attendees questioned the wisdom of giving $75 million to mortgage servicers and other financial institutions while homeowners are still struggling to refinance their loans or even…
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