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800 Debt Settle has experts in all areas of debt relief to make sure that each client gets an un-biased evaluation on what the best path is toward gaining control of his or her finances.


At this point in time, debt settlements offer solutions that typically offer the best case scenarios for most consumers due to their many benefits and variety of types of debt can be negotiated. Debt settlements offer a formula that includes the convenience of writing one check per month covering all accounts involved in the debt settlement process. From the beginning of a debt settlement that payment is usually 50% less than the original total of the accounts. A client can pay off the debts in all the participating accounts in anywhere from 18 months to 48 months. A debt settlement negotiated by 800 Debt Settle usually reduces the principle amount owed by forty to sixty percent. The biggest advantage is that once the client has completed the plan, that client is “paid in full” and debt free on all settled accounts.

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