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There are many companies that can provide debt relief for their clients using one method or another. What separates the best companies in debt relief from the rest of the pack is that they don’t settle for just any “off the shelf” solution, they provide the best solution and tailor it to fit the specific needs of each client. The variables in every debt relief case require that options such as debt settlement, filing bankruptcy, seeking debt counseling, or arranging for a debt consolidation must be considered in the pursuit to provide an optimal solution.


800 Debt Settle has experts in all areas of debt relief to make sure that each client gets an un-biased evaluation on what the best path is toward gaining control of his or her finances. At this point in time, debt settlements offer solutions that typically offer the best case scenarios for most consumers due to their many benefits and variety of types of debt can be negotiated. Debt settlements offer a formula that includes the convenience of writing one check per month covering all accounts involved in the debt settlement process. From the beginning that payment is usually 50% less than the original total of the accounts. A client can pay off the debts in all the participating accounts in anywhere from 18 months to 48 months.  The biggest advantage is that once the client has completed the plan, that client is “paid in full” and debt free on all settled accounts.


The types of debt that can be negotiated in a debt settlement include credit cards, medical bills, department store cards, signature loans, unsecured lines of credit, and revolving debt. These bills are commonly paid off in a settlement at forty to sixty cents on the dollar. We’ve actually seen larger debt settlements that have saved millions of dollars in interest alone over the usual time it would have taken to pay off the balances owed.


We can move the process forward quickly but we need your help to get the best result possible. After our initial consultation, we’ll confirm your eligibility, get your application, and collect account information for all the debts you want as part of the debt negotiation. Depending on your income we will calculate a payment that fits with your monthly budget. The size of the payment helps us to determine how long our program should run to pay off all debts. Once the plan is underway, your only obligations are to making your monthly payment and staying committed to finishing the program. The completion of the program can bring rewards you might have thought weren’t possible prior to starting the debt settlement process. Regaining control of your finances is a big reward but getting out of debt is even bigger.

You can do all of this by applying online. We’ll help you get your life back starting today.  

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